Anke was born in Muenster, Germany. A long time before she even owned a camera, by the time she was in secondary school, she already knew that she wanted to create pictures. Anke used to run around saying: “click, click” holding a virtual camera in her hands, “taking pictures”.

Towards the end of her schooling years she finally got her first camera. It was a Minolta X-300. Anke graduated high school with a focus on art and mathematics. She also took a job in a local photography studio where she really enjoyed herself because she learned so much about photography, people, and most of all, how to be a photographer.

Anke then spent quite a few years as a photography assistant to some of the world’s most renowned photographers. These experiences taught her a huge part of what she knows today about photography. Learning so much about different cultures and their peoples, how to work in a team and with clients. It was also amazingly fun and highly empowering.

The end of 2006 was the arrival of her big moment: Anke got her first commission. And for none other than: Mercedes-Benz. And that was it. Anke became a photographer in my own right. And since then she hasn’t stopped a day.

Anke loves to create and develop images, both for work and for personal. She loves discovering new and unseen perspectives of cars and people. She also loves the challenge of reportage, landscape and CGI.

Anke finds inspiration in traveling and meeting people. And she still has that virtual camera in her mind even when she’s not holding a real one, as she still sees the world through it.

Barcelona is home, it’s where her base is and where she goes to rest, work and recharge before setting off before her next adventure. She loves traveling for work and the nomadic lifestyle.

2018 Gosee Awards – Art Projects – Public Voting
2017 Gosee Awards – Stills – Silver
2017 Gosee Awards- Projects – Merit
2016 Gosee Awards – Reportage – Gold
2016 Gosee Awards – Stills – Merit
2008 BFF Award Silver

Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg, Nico Hülkenberg, Lewis Hamilton, Mesut Özil, Neymar Jr., Patrick Dempsey, Pep Guardiola, Rudi Völler, Titus Dittmann, Albert Adria, Javier Mariscal, Custo Dalmau, Jordi Punti, Rupert Stadler, Matthias Müller, among others.