Picture Matters is a creative management agency that represents photographers and image creators to advertising agencies, design firms, magazines, and direct clients worldwide. For almost thirty years, we have built a reputation for excellence in the talent we represent, with their skill ranging from photography, CGI, photo- illustration, and film/video content.

By building a base of shared goals, ethical & efficient business practices, knowledge of our field and clear communications, Picture Matters has long provided superior service to our clients and photographers.

The results have been the long-term business relationship and outstanding photography and imagery in the diverse fields automotive, still life, fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle, portraiture, sports, children, architecture, and entertainment.



Picture Matters is compliant with the latest Covid-19 production guidelines.  Create your digital asset needs remotely (sharing images in real time), or conduct an in-person production while offering a safe and secure shooting environment!

Picture Matters
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Sherwin Taghdiri

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