Victoria Wall Harris is a commercial and editorial photographer and director, who’s favorite projects are those that combine stills and motion. Not bound by genre, her creative approach gives clients a way to tell their full brand story in a positive and truly cohesive style.

She studied photography at the College of Charleston in South Carolina and from there moved to NYC to pursue her career. She worked as an assistant and digital tech for some of the industry’s top photographers and learned the ropes of full scale photo and motion production while honing her own creative skills and building a diverse client roster.

After seven years in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg, Victoria relocated to LA in 2012 where she launched her own business full time. In 2017, she opened a daylight photo studio in LA’s Eagle Rock called Hilltop Studios. Over the past 10 years the business has grown immensely and we proudly handle shoots of any size with a network of incredibly talented team members, talent connections, and production companies here in LA and elsewhere across the US. Whatever your needs are we can get them done on time and in budget.